Newsletter February 18th 2019

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We are positive you have all heard one of the most famous mantras of all serious crypto and non crypto traders, “buy the rumor, sell the news”, which refers to a situation where a trader should buy a specific assets in the period before the new service of product is launched and sell it when the official news about that innovation gets public and everyone knows about it. In other words, this mantra explains how positive news positively affect the price and how traders should try to stay one move ahead of it and buy while still in the rumor phase.

Cryptocurrency markets are no different, good news quite often positively correlate to the price of an assets and this is exactly what GOSTAKE tables show these days.

If we examine the latest 30 days chart, we can see Litecoin and EOS have been recording very nice double digit growth rates.

This growth has been fueled by the positive news revolving around both crypto assets. The information regarding Litecoin state they have partnered with MimbleWimble protocol, which, if true and successful,  will allow them to significantly increase security and privacy. Yes, privacy, we know crypto users love privacy! EOS, on the other hand, has been benefiting from a new partnership between Unlimited Tower and EOS Park. In addition, there has been a lot of discussion about a new monopoly like game or a new gaming dApp, to be built on EOS called Ready Player One. As previously stated, good news, skyrocketed the price and now these two cryptos fight for position number 4 on coinmarketcap, currently occupied by Litecoin.  

Let us get back to our GOSTAKE table. If you invested $1000 into Litecoin and EOS 30 days ago, you would have $1380 and $1127 respectively! No other market besides crypto can consistently provide these crazy returns, under condition you know how to trade and which assets to select for your portfolio. This is where GOSTAKE can help you out. Our databases show you which assets perform well and which assets perform poorly in any given period of time, including PoS rewards, if the asset provides them.  Having this information, a smart trader or investor can easily re-adjust their portfolio.

GOSTAKE team constantly upgrades our platform, we make it easier to use and provide more information for our users. If you need more information about any particular assets, you can simply click on any asset listed in our main table and get into GOSTAKE advanced view. There you can find links leading towards its home page, twitter account, source code, block explorer, price change and market cap. Here is an example:

This information, as everything else on GOSTAKE, updates in real time and can help you to stay on track with the situation in crypto markets.

As always, please understand we are not financial advisers and we do not guarantee positive or negative results based on our data or past performance of crypto projects we track. Please do not hesitate to contact us using our contact form should you have any additional questions or require additional information. Please ensure your assets are kept safe and protected, never share your passwords or private keys with anyone else and try to run your wallets in a secluded and protected environment. Always install and update the latest antivirus and antimalware software. sincerely hopes the provided service will help you create and maintain differentiated and rewarding crypto portfolio.

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