3.. 2.. 1.. GOSTAKE launches today!

GOSTAKE a data driven analytics platform that tracks reward generating digital assets and provides verifiable returns of live crypto wallets goes live!

Dear cryptocurrency investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts,

Welcome to Gostake.com, a cryptocurrency tracking platform designed to assist in designing and balancing your crypto portfolio. The team behind Gostake.com has had two major goals in mind when we decide to start this project.

Our first goal has been to share and disseminate information about different cryptocurrency projects in order to generate additional exposure to the entire crypto ecosystem. In addition, our intention has been to help increase crypto adoption and draw more people into this great world of cryptocurrencies.

Our second goal has been more modest and it is related to a problem most of us, cryptocurrency holders and investors have experienced. There is simply too many interesting and attention grabbing projects around and selecting which one of these should be part of our portfolio is not an easy task. Coming from business, IT and analytical backgrounds, our intention has been to help Gostake.com users identify interesting projects to be included in their portfolios, based on REAL and VERIFIABLE data harvested from blockchains of different crypto projects we track.

Since these newsletter will be sent out to you on a bi-monthly basis, let us immediately jump into the data which our system has generated today, January 19, 10:00 AM UTC.

As you are aware, the year of 2018 has been the year of crypto winter. After great last quarter of 2017, prices of cryptocurrencies have started their long and painful decline throughout 2018. Currently, there has been a lack of agreement whether Bitcoin has reached its bottom during December 2018 and first half of January 2019. However, most of the team hopes the year 2019 will start showing moderate crypto growth, especially during the second part of the year when effects of 2020 Bitcoin block halving will start being calculated into the price.

Having this in mind, using Gostake.com data, when we select 365 days time frame and USD as a base currency, a table shows all assets being in negative territory.

Bitcoin seems to be the best performer during this period, with a price declining from almost $12000 to a current $3661 which represents a loss of -67.58%. Other tracked cryptocurrencies recorded even more negative results but we are confident those who have not sold their crypto assets will be rewarded for being patient during this and following years. As Mr. Warren Buffet said, “The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” We follow the same logic and hope to see the situation change soon.

If we change our Gostake.com setup and select 30 days time frame with USD as a base currency, the ROI data we get starts changing from red to green.

As you can see, if we analyze the situation during the last 30 days, it is evident people who invested their money into Tron, for example, 30 days ago at USD purchase price of 0.0172 per 1 Tron, would earn $416 pear each $1000 invested which is a ROI of 41.6% Astonishing! Isn’t it?

The whole purpose of Gostake.com is to assist users identify these interesting and reward generating projects, based on real data. Smart usage of Gostake.com data can help people MAKE MONEY. However, incorrect usage of our data can also generate significant loses, so please have that in mind while using Gostake.com. We are not financial advisers and we do not guarantee positive or negative results based on our data or past performance of crypto projects we track.

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to another interesting tool we have designed, a missed opportunity calculator. This tool is especially interesting for proof of stake and masternode coins since it enables users to have access to data about rewards coming from our live crypto staking wallets. In other words, you will not be limited to analysing theoretical data coming from different websites or whitepaper, but instead you have access to verifiable data from Gostake.com wallets. It is as if we would take you by hand, open our staking machines and show you the amount of coins staked in our wallets, USD rewards, native coin rewards, ROI and everything else related to staking that particular coin or running a masternode. For example, if we were to use this tool and analyse performance of DMD Diamond during the last 30 days, this is what we would get.

As you can see, investing $1000 into DMD Diamond PoS wallet one month ago would get you just over 896 DMD at 20/12/2018 prices. Today, 19/01/2019 you would have a bit above 911 DMD in your pool which represent a DMD gain of just over 15 DMD staked coins and $24.4 (+2.44%) gain during this analyzed period. This data is verifiable by request and it comes from our live staking PoS and Masternode wallets. We do not provide theoretical or expected results, we only show you trackable results we get WITHOUT any intention to affect your investment decisions. Please do your own research before you actually invest your money.

It goes without saying, data you will see on our website depend on time or base currency filter you have selected for every specific coin/token. It also depends on the exact time and date you have accessed our data since our system updates several times per hour. So, go ahead and play with our tables, we are sure you will see much more clearer picture about the current status of crypto economy after you decide to include Gostake.com into the list of crypto analytics tools you use on a daily basis.

We are sure you have gained full grasp of Gostake.com data by now and can use it quite comfortably. Please do not hesitate to contact us using our contact form should you have any additional questions or require additional information. As always, please ensure your assets are kept safe and protected, never share your passwords or private keys with anyone else and try to run your wallets in a secluded and protected environment. Always install and update the latest antivirus and antimalware software. Gostake.com sincerely hopes the provided service will help you create and maintain differentiated and rewarding crypto portfolio.

For further updates follow us on Twitter @gostake_com and please subscribe to this newsletter if you haven’t already.

Sincerely yours,